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And everything began with saint Cyr's murder...

The village with the river Lot | LeNanou / CC-BY-SA
Medieval city Saint-Cirq-Lapopie medieval city

On a high rocky spur (80 metres) overlooking the river Lot, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a nice little village, with narrow streets full of Gothic or Renaissance houses... Come on, follow me!

Saint-Cirq was named after Cyr, a monk murdered in Minor Asia. Relics were brought back by saint Amadour... the saint of the famous Roc Amadour!

Lords of La Popie, in the Middle-Ages, raised a fortress on the spur. A village extended around the castle. Then in the 8th century duke of Aquitaine Waïfre quarreled with Pépin the Short.

In 1198, Richard Lionheart then English troops during the Hundred Years War tried to besiege the fortress.

Destroyed in 1471 by king Louis XI, ruins were a nice headquarters for Protestants, during wars of Religion... but Henri IV completely razed it.

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