And yet the murder weapon looked so yummy...

The castleThe castle | ©Eponimm / CC-BY-SA

A colossus!

The first castle dates back to the 12th century. Well, a castle… rather a square keep! Jean de Chaudenay raised this keep for his son.

He and his descendants later extended it, from the 12th to the 15th century: a rampart protected by deep ditches and flanked by 5 big towers.

Just imagine: raised at 475 m high above a valley, the colossus was 75 m long and 35 m wide...

Deadly gingerbread

1455. Scandal! The castle’s last heiress, Catherine de Châteauneuf, was accused ofmurder. She had poisoned her second husband, Jacques d’Haussonville.

Poisoned with the help of her lover, Giraud de Parmentier… The murder weapon? A yummy boichet! You know? The ancestor of our current gingerbread and nonnettes from Burgundy

The crime took place in the castle of Montureux-le-Sec, in Champagne. A greedy servant crunched a piece of the cake and died too.

That was the end of our diabolic lovers. Catherine was arrested, locked in the Conciergerie (Paris) and burnt alive on March 13th 1456.