A little history of Angles-sur-l'Anglin castle

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General view - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA General view - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA
Angles-sur-l'Anglin castle Castle Hundred Years War

An old stronghold

From the fortress remain the chapel, the square keep, several round well-preserved towers. The whole construction is pretty impressive! But let’s relate the story...

A long time before the building of the medieval castle, people already lived here since the Prehistoric era. The first stronghold, Castellum Inglia, was founded in the 11th century, on this rocky spur overlooking the river.

We are here on the borders of Touraine, Poitou and Berry, a very coveted land, subject to attacks! That’s why they raised a castle here, a keep belonging to counts of Lusignan. But during the Hundred Years War, Angles lord supported both French and English camps, so the land was many times besieged by the two countries!

Besides, the name of Angles came from people Angles... from England! In the Middle-Ages, though, the castle was called Château-Guichard, from lord Guichard d’Angles: a pretty strange man!

Angles lord, between France and England

French and English knight born in 1310, Guichard supporting the two kings during the Hundred Years War! He was a proud knight, lord of Pleumartin, of Château-Larcher, of Rochefort, count of Huntington in England.

Chronicler Froissart described him as "loyal, passionate, wise, brave, gallant and forward." A loyal man king of France Philip de Valois appointed governor of Niort! In 1346, he defended this city from count of Derby. He also fought in Maupertuis battle, where they left him for dead near king Jean, he tried to save.

In December 1360, king Jean the Good told him he had to obey the England king, because of a clause in the treaty of Brétigny. But... Guichard hated the English! He defeated them, and now he had to subject himself to them?!

And yet, Guichard actually submitted to Edward the English king... He even satisfied his new master, who appointed him marshal of Aquitaine and count of Huntington. He also introduced him in the circle of the Order of the Garter!

Guichard died in London in 1380, where he was young king Richard II’s governor... Then, the Lusignan family sold the castle to bishops of Poitiers, to Gautier de Bruges more precisely: those bishops became barons of Angle until the French Revolution!

The castle

The current castle was raised between the 9th and the 15th century. They built it on a limestone cliff. Strong ramparts defended it on the city side, the cliff protected it on the river side. A pretty impregnable place! Next to the castle, on the edge of the cliff, we have this small Romanesque church, raised on the foundations of the old keep...

Completely abandoned, the castle became a stone quarry. But we still can see beautiful remains, and you can visit it every day on summer.

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