A little history of Arthous abbey

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The abbot church - ©Daniel Villafruela / CC-BY-SA The abbot church - ©Daniel Villafruela / CC-BY-SA
Arthous abbey Abbey Premonstratensians

One more abbeys on the road to Compostela! In the past, it used to be important. Founded in the 12th century by Martin Sanche de Domezain, the first Arthous abbot was a Benedictine monk.

Kings of England and viscounts of Béarn and Soule embellished it and gave lots of gifts. In 1178, one of this lords gave 300 ewes! Gaston de Béarn even exempted them from taxes. In 1330, Arthous collected taxes in Hastingues village: a precious source of income!

In 1523, Philibert de Châlons' troops plundered Hastingues and its abbey. In 1571, here we go again! The people from the Béarn destroyed it. Then Arthous history was quieter in the 18th century. Abbots were noblemen, lords of Arthous and of Hastingues. Their lands were more than "150 acres of arable lands" and they owned a vineyard called Pémourgué... But the prosperity came to an end! The wind changed. In the middle of the 18th century, the abbot church was ruined: damaged bells, no more cross, tabernacle... steady on! And income reduced. During the French Revolution, only 3 monks left...

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