A little history of Barbentane castle

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The castle - ©Véronique PAGNIER / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Véronique PAGNIER / CC-BY-SA
Barbentane castle Castle

Barbentane, nicknamed the "Provence Trianon", belonged to Paul-François de Puget, in 1655. He was city mayor of Aix-en-Provence and he wanted a brand new castle! The building site ended in the beginning of the 18th century.

Then, the new marquis de Barbentane, Joseph-Pierre Balthazar de Puget, duke of Tuscany’s ambassador, in the reign of Louis XV, went a lot in Italy: he brought precious furniture, rich materials (marbles, and so on) with one idea: to transform the castle into an Italian palace! Things were done in 1770... Nowadays, we can visit the estate.

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