A little history of Boyer d'Eguilles townhouse

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The townhouse - ©JM Campaner / CC-BY-SA The townhouse - ©JM Campaner / CC-BY-SA
Boyer d'Eguilles townhouse Town house

This city house houses the current Natural History museum. Vincent de Boyer’s widow (lord of Eguilles and councillor in Parliament) Madeleine de Forbin d’Oppède, raised her town house in 1675, on lands located between the rue des Salins and the rue de la Triperie.

Jean-Baptiste Boyer d'Eguilles, councillor in Provence Parliament, the next owner, gathered here a huge art collection, the most beautiful one in Aix! With paintings by Caravaggio, Raphael, Rubens and Poussin...

He made himself engraved copies of paintings that he published in books, in 1709 then in 1744. Unfortunately, the nice collection of paintings was scattered and the house damaged until its transformation into a museum...

Nowadays, panelling, stuccos, paintings ceilings (by painter Sébastien Barras from Aix) cohabit with fossils and dinosaurs' eggs found around the Sainte-Victoire mountain.

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