A little history of Briare bridge

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The bridge - ©MOSSOT / CC-BY The bridge - ©MOSSOT / CC-BY
Briare bridge Bridge Canal

Now, let's go to the canal bridge. Follow me! The place is amazing. It's a 630 metres long bridge, made of steel in 1896 by Daydé and Pillé firm. It looks like the Alexander-III bridge in Paris, inaugurated 4 years ago.

And, by the way, let's rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar's: Eiffel firm only worked on foundations, they didn't raise all the bridge!

Well, do you feel tiny, here? I feel the same thing! And it's quite normal... This bridge is colossal. Look! We're walking on the lateral canal, literally hanging, and the river Loire is running below us. Wow! The canal bridge directly links the Seine's sailing basin to the Saône's one, and crosses the Loire. And despite the river's width here in Briare, the place was chosen because it saved 7 locks!

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