A little history of Calvi citadel

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The citadel - ©ROCHAT PATRICE / CC-BY-SA The citadel - ©ROCHAT PATRICE / CC-BY-SA
Calvi citadel Fortification

Old Pisa's possession conquered by the Genovese in 13th century, Calvi housed in Antiquity a fortified sitting, rebuilt in 1268 by Giovanniello de Loreto. Fortifications were designed by Milanese Cristoforo Gandino, who reinforced the Salt tower and the governor's palace. One century later, they put up towers de la Moza and one of the Castellana, between 1483 and 1492.

Unfortunately, Genovese's citadel will be destroyed in a gunpowder store's explosion in 1567. Then... Corsicans wanted their independence!

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