A little history of cathedral in Strasbourg

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The cathedral - ©Laszlo Daroczy / CC-BY-SA The cathedral - ©Laszlo Daroczy / CC-BY-SA
Notre-Dame cathedral in Strasbourg Cathedral

Here's the Gothic cathedral, made of pink sandstone from Vosges! Its spire is 142 metres high... The first church was founded in the 4th century, created at the same time as the bishopric of Strasbourg. The building site began in 1015 and was completed in 1439.

In 1176, it needed a reconstruction. The famous Erwin of Steinbach (called on a 1284 text Master Erwin wermeister, "Erwin main contractor"). He raised the ground floor of the façade. Ulrich d'Ensigen erected the northern tower in the beginning of the 15th century, and Jean Hültz of Cologne built the spire in 1439.

The church was damaged during the war of Religion and the Thirty Years War. In 1648, with the treaty of Westphalia, France annexed Alsace... Then, in the cathedral took place the marriage of Marie Leczinska and Louis XV! During the Revolution, the church was damaged: every citizens were needed, with a hammer...

In 1870, bombings burnt and destroyed the roof. In the 20th century, they injected concrete under the building in order to reinforce foundations. Oh, the cathedral was raised on a swampy and unstable soil...

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