A little history of Commarque castle

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The castle - ©Jochen Jahnke / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Jochen Jahnke / CC-BY-SA
Commarque castle Castle

These proud ruins used to belong to a medieval fortress. Commarque family raised a simple keep, here, in the 12th century, on this rock occupied by men since prehistory. It was surrounded by a fortified wall and we found a chapel and several houses. Fell to the Beynac lords in 1250, the keep was extended in order to become a real castle, separated from the village by deep moats and huge wall.

By the way, they founded in Commarque a kind of troglodyte fortified village: knights used to live here, in the keep's farmyard. In the 13th and 14th centuries, Pons de Beynac added vaulted rooms, beautiful mullioned windows, kitchens, chimneys... But the mighty lords of Beynac were besieged by Protestants and weakened by wars... Knights left the place after the castle's demolition in 1569.

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