A little history of Condé castle

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The castle - ©Aymeri / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Aymeri / CC-BY-SA
Condé castle Castle

This strong fortress, fief of the Condé family, dates back to 900, but the current building was raised in the 13th century for Enguerrand de Coucy. Fell to the Bourbon family in 1487, later princes of Condé, the castle was seized by Louis XIV in 1711.

Purchased ten years later by marquis Jean-François de La Faye, administrator of the East India Company, Condé experienced luxury and opulence! One thing has to be said: our man, rich and great patron, wanted to turn the old castle into a prince's residence. He put that way architect Servandoni and best artists as Oudry, Boucher, Watteau in charge of designing the apartments.

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