A little history of Laréole castle

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The castle - ©METGE Jean / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©METGE Jean / CC-BY-SA
Laréole castle Castle

Pierre de Chaverry, France treasurer and king's councillor, raised his Renaissance castle in 1579: more than a castle, it was an outward sign of wealth! Based on plans by Dominique Le Bachelier, architect Jean Langlade immediately began the building site: façades were made of stones and bricks, creating coloured lines.

When in 1707, François, Pierre's heir, decided to sell the familial castle, it was because he was ruined: no more money! Jean-Pierre Colomès bought it. Did he see the pitiful state of the estate, when he owned it? Anyway, the new owner restored it, refitting the apartments, repairing roofs and parquets... Joseph Colomès went on with his father's reconstruction by creating a park.

Fell to his nephew Isidore de Poulhariès, the castle was damaged during the Revolution. In 1846, Albert de Puymirol owned it and restored it. Then Laréole was abandoned and the new owner transformed it into a barn! General council of Haute-Garonne département owned it in 1984.

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