A little history of Montbéliard castle

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The castle - ©Tatiana Decrocq / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Tatiana Decrocq / CC-BY-SA
Montbéliard castle Castle

Former Mons Beliardae, the city was very tiny, in the end of the 10th century, nestled under the huge fortress. Seat of an independent county, De Mousson family owned the fief until the middle of 12th century, then fell to the Montfaucon, then to Chalon at the end of the 13th century. By marriage, the castle fell to the 15th century to Eberhardt IV, count of Wurtemberg. His powerful family constantly extended and embellished their castle.

Frederic I raised the south-east tower and restored the Henriette's tower. In 1597, the architect Heinrich Schickhardt put up the Gentlemen's building: don't be fooled by the name! This dwelling housed stables and a hydraulic machine! Little by little abandoned by dukes of Wurtemberg, the "new castle" was flanked by a main building in 1750. Listed as a Historic monument in 1996, it nowadays houses the city museum.

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