A little history of Montluçon castle

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The castle - ©Lionel Allorge / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Lionel Allorge / CC-BY-SA
Montluçon ducal castle Castle

In the 9th century, Monluçon was called Montelucio: we found here a stronghold, a kind of big wooden keep. We must wait until the coming of lords of Bourbon, in 1215: our castle became important. Adieu, little primitive keep! Welcome to the brand new building...

Bourbon family seldom came here, but they extended and embellished the castle, especially with Louis II, duke of Bourbon, who inherited the place in 1356. This one also fortified the city in 1367, building a big wall flanked by... 30 towers! At least, Monluçon was ready to fight the Hundred Years War!

Dukes of Bourbon, now, could invited friends and kings in their brand new castle: king of France Charles VII with queen Mary of Anjou came in 1426, in 1434 and 1439!

In 1527, after Bourbonnais was annexed by France, the castle was slowly abandoned... Seized and sold during the French Revolution, the ruined castle was owned by the city of Montluçon: nowadays it houses a museum of Popular traditions.

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