A little history of Mortemer abbey

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Ruins of the abbot church - ©Pline / CC-BY-SA Ruins of the abbot church - ©Pline / CC-BY-SA
Mortemer abbey Abbey Cistercian

Ruins of this old Cistercian abbey are located in the middle of the Lyons' forest, in Eure département. Mortemer ("Dead sea")... brr, a name which sounds like a dark omen! Especially when you know all abbey’s legends!

And yet, our story began very peacefully: it was founded by monks from Beaumont abbey, in Normandy. It was protected by the elite: Henri I, Etienne and Geoffroy Plantagenet, Henri II, Richard Lionheart... All these chaps gave it money and treasures...

Etienne Plantagenet’s wife, queen Matilda (nicknamed "the Empress"), also gave lot of money for the construction of the church. The French Revolution ruined the abbey, and let vestiges like the cloister (18th century), the dormitory, the chapter room, the dovecote, the abbot church (12th century)...

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