A little history of Najac fortress

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The castle - ©jmt-29 / CC-BY The castle - ©jmt-29 / CC-BY
Najac fortress Castle

This big fortress was built by Gaultier de Savignac, mentioned in the 11th century. Then Najac fell to the count of Toulouse in 1096. Bertrand de Saint-Gilles transformed everything! He raised a keep, curtains, surrounding wall in order to protect himself from enemies.

Lorris treaty in 1421 (it said that several fortresses must be given to the king of France) caused an occupation of the royal troops, from 1242 to 1247. Count of Toulouse Raymond VII's son-in-law, Alphonse of Poitiers, inherited the castle and reinforced the wall from 1253, with 5 towers. He heightened curtains, which measured after that... 23 metres high! Drawbridge, covered way, portcullis completed Najac's defensive system!

French and English armies fought over Najac during the Hundred Years War. But it fell to the enemies! Not for long, fortunately, because villagers expelled them quickly! Damaged, in ruin, it was seized and sold during the Revolution. Vincent Cibiel, deputy of Aveyron, finally restored it.

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