A little history of Notre-Dame-du-Roc in Castellane

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The chapel - ©Calips / CC-BY-SA The chapel - ©Calips / CC-BY-SA
Notre-Dame-du-Roc chapel in Castellane Chapel

Castellane was founded in 812, when the former city was plundered by Saracens. Inhabitants moved at the top of the rock: Petra castellana was born... on a rock (petra means "rock")!

In this new city they raised a brand new chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary: Our-Lady-of-the-Rock, Notre-Dame-du-Roc. It was barons of Castellane’s private church.

It was damaged during war of Religion... but they re-raised it in 1590...certified accurate! But the construction was too quick... The vault collapsed in 1703! They rebuilt the current chapel, one more time... And Notre-Dame-du-Roc is still here, from its 900 metres high rock!

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