A little history of Poet-Laval medieval city

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General view - ©Billy0007 / CC-BY-SA General view - ©Billy0007 / CC-BY-SA
Poet-Laval medieval city Medieval city

This small medieval city located in Drôme département was founded near the castle, which was the commanderie (kind of house) of Malta order knights. A 1209 document shows the first knights paid homage to the counts of Valentinois for their fief.

Founded in the 12th century, mentioned for the first time in 1215, the keep was raised at that time. They also raised the chapel of St-Jean and the surrounding wall. But the Hundred Years War came and damaged the commanderie. So it had to be restore, in the 15th century.

During the war of Religion, the knights, who were Catholics, fought against inhabitants who were Protestants. So the castle was many time besieged. Then the knights decided to leave the village in order to settle in Montélimar...

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