A little history of Pontcallec castle

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The castle - ©Lanzonnet / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Lanzonnet / CC-BY-SA
Pontcallec castle Castle Marquis de Pontcallec

It was the famous marquis de Pontcallec’s headquarters, during his renowned conspiracy! At his time, the castle looked like a real impregnable fortress. An armourer lived here all the year, making bayonets and stocking cartridges and powder. It was raised on a hill full of several undergrounds.

To the East, a vast pond, and to the West, the sinuous river Scorff, which could not be cross because of all the rocks blocking it. And surrounding the stronghold, a big and dark forest about 500 hectares…

At the time of war of Religion, the place belonged to the Malestroit family: Anne de Malestroit married René Papin, lord de La Tévinière. Their daughter Marie married Charles de Guer in 1598. King of France Louis XIV raised the land of Pontcallec to a marquisate for their son Alain de Guer, in 1657.

And Alain was… our famous marquis de Pontcallec’s grand-dad! Protestants besieged the fortress in 1591, then Catholics troops seized it 3 years later. The famous marquis de Pontcallec (the plotter!) was born in the castle.

After his arrest and his sentence to death, the estate was seized between 1720 and 1810, and a big fire completely destroyed it in 1796. Then, the castle fell to the Cossé-Brissac in the 19th century: they entirely re-raised it in 1882.

Today, Pontcallec houses a religious community, since 1955, the Dominicaines du Saint-Esprit nuns. So, we can’t visit it, only make a stroll in the surrounding woods and in the park, in summer.

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