A little history of Quimperlé présidial

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The présidial - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA The présidial - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA
Quimperlé présidial Courthouse

A présidial is a Justice Court, founded in the 16th century and abolished during the Revolution. We can find it in the old noble district of Quimperlé, where nice city houses were raised between the 16th and the 18th century.

In short, here’s the old Court, which replaced the former medieval market (cohue in French) in 1683. On the presidial’s ground floor, we had a kind of long (40 metres), narrow and dark corridor! Between 1862 and 1868, architect Joseph transformed this ground-floor into a church, after he restored Sainte-Croix abbot church.

On the first floor, the city mayors gathered. The lower part was demolished in 1854, and in the 20th century, the présidial was shorten. The nice staircase made of stone is the only vestige of the former building... Nowadays the place houses exhibitions.

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