A little history of Rivau castle

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The castle - ©Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA
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The Maid and Rabelais

The famous French writer Rabelais (16th century) set a part of his novel Gargantua in Touraine! He even talked about the castle of Rivau! But not only: do you know Joan of Arc spent a night, here in 1428, while she was going towards Orléans? Her horses and her soldiers needed a good rest before the attack!

A real little stronghold

In the 13th century, we found here a first castle: a quadrilateral flanks by several towers and surrounds by moats. In 1438, the Rivau fell to the family de Beauvau. First chamberlain of the king of France Charles VII, Beauvau was allowed to fortify his castle in 1442, and to settle a garrison. Alterations happened between 142 and 1453. Yes, the Rivau needed it, and became one of the most important stronghold in Touraine!

In the 17th century, the new owners raised brand new buildings on the location of the former farmyard: a wine storehouse, a barn, a farm, a dovecote and nice stables. In the 19th century, the chapel and the western curtain (which closed the courtyard) were razed. Only remains: a tower with a pepper-box roof. The new owners also completely restored the castle, and re-created medieval gardens: it was listed as a Historical Monument in 1918.

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