A little history of Saint-Bénigne cathedral in Dijon

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The chevet - ©François de Dijon / CC-BY-SA The chevet - ©François de Dijon / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Bénigne cathedral in Dijon Cathedral

Bénigne? He was apostle of Burgundy in the 3th century. Bishop of Langres saint Grégoire raised a crypt in the beginning of the 6th century where he put Bénigne's relics. The new bishop of Langres rebuilt the church in 990, a kind of big rotunda. In February 1272, one of the bell-towers fell, destroying the crypt vaults. Phew... Relics weren't damaged.

In 1281, they completely re-raised the church. The building site began: the choir was completed in 6 years. In 1308, the southern tower was almost completed. In the middle of the 15th century, Charny-Bauffremont family raised the 12 apostles' chapel (which was the sacristy until the French Revolution... where it was destroyed!).

Then Saint-Bénigne was demolished during the war of Religion... and from 1651, monks of Saint-Maur congregation moved in there. But what happened with the bell-tower and its spire? Well... violent storms destroyed them, so carpenters Sauvestre and Linacier from Dijon rebuilt them in 1742.

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