A little history of Saint-Clément aqueduct in Montpellier

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The aqueduct - ©Henri MOREAU / CC-BY-SA The aqueduct - ©Henri MOREAU / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Clément aqueduct in Montpellier Aqueduct

Montpellier's aqueduct was founded in 1753, when the city decided to convey waters from Saint-Clément spring, a few kilometres away from Montpellier. Henri Pitot, Languedoc engineer, was in charge of building this aqueduct... the construction will last 13 years!

After a 13 904 metres long travel, our aqueduct ended in the Peyrou square, where we found a water tower raised by the architect Donnat. Montpellier's inhabitants put a bet on the new aqueduct, the day of its inauguration: will the water rise to the Peyrou tower? Oh, one thing has to be said...Gossips claimed that the aqueduct won't work! But finally... hurray! Everything proceeded smoothly.

After one century, the quantity of water wasn't enough for the growing population... so they diverted the course of the river Lez. As if by magic, waters arrived with Saint-Clément's ones to the Peyrou water tower!

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