A little history of Saint-Loup-sur-Thouet castle

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The castle - ©Père Igor / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Père Igor / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Loup-sur-Thouet castle Castle

In the past, there was a fortress owned by the Dercé family: Amaury, a member of this family, raised the current keep. Fell to Arthus Gouffier in the 16th century, the current castle was built by Gilbert Gouffier, then continued by his son Louis in the 17th century. They kept the keep and the ditches from the old fortress.

But let's talk about the Gouffier... did you know that Claude Gouffier, Arthus' son, was made count de Caravaz by king of Spain? Well, the French writer Charles Perrault immortalized this man as marquis de Carabas in his tale "Puss in Boots"! So, Louis sold the castle in 1645 to Nicolas Lepage. In 1708, family Le Boyer owned it. They raised the stables and laid out the park. Then several owners succeeded one another...

The de Borda, the D'Abbadie, the Maussabré-Boeufvier... even French singer Chantal Goya owned the castle! Finally, when Charles-Henri de Bartillat bought the castle in 1990, a huge restoration began. Gardens were re-laid out, based on 1745 plans: vegetable plot, orchards, but also orange trees and lemon trees!

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