A little history of Saint-Maurille church in Vouziers

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The church - ©Vassil / Public domain The church - ©Vassil / Public domain
Saint-Maurille church in Vouziers Parish church

The primitive church was dedicated to Maurille, bishop of Angers in the 5th century. In the 12th century, people came here in pilgrimage to pray his relics, until 1967... Well, let’s visit this church!

What we immediately see here is the beautiful Renaissance portal, raised between 1517 and 1565 by a local sculptor, Jean Laurens. It has three porches, each one flanks by a statue of a saint. The construction of the brand new church began with this portal, but war of Religion came and the building site stopped.

For 2 centuries, the portal was separated from the church itself, then in 1769 they added 2 bays in order to tied up to the building. They also added a square bell-tower above the portal: people thought it ruined the church...

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