A little history of Saint-Pierre church in Bar-sur-Aube

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The church - ©Prosopee / CC-BY The church - ©Prosopee / CC-BY
Saint-Pierre church in Bar-sur-Aube Parish church

This Romanesque church raised in the 12th century has an unusual silhouette! Maybe because of its gallery covered by a framework? This church was raised on the foundation of a very old chapel: they kept the soil of that chapel, that's why we have to get down 10 stairs in order to get to the nave!

The bell-tower was damaged: burnt in 1617, repaired two years later, then burnt again in 1722... They converted it as a barn in 1793. But after the French Revolution, it really needed a reconstruction: so parishioners gave 10 000 francs! The altar came from Clairvaux abbey, the organ from Remiremont abbey.

You may notice tombstones: those belong to count of Notcher and Mathilde, fourth count of Bar-sur-Aube's wife.

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