A little history of Saint-Pierre church in Toirac

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The capitals - ©O.Taris / CC-BY-SA The capitals - ©O.Taris / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Pierre-Toirac church Parish church Hundred Years War

This church was fortified. Why? In order to protect people against the English, during Hundred Years War! They ruled other all Aquitaine, and plundered Toirac area. In case of war, inhabitants could take shelter in the church...

Raised in the 11th century, bishop of Rodez Caumont gave it in 889 to the monastery of Figeac. In the 14th century, they transformed it: they fortified it, by building a kind of keep and they even raised surrounding wall. Inside the church, we can see nice Romanesque capitals with interlacings and small characters.

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