A little history of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul cathedral in Troyes

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South-West view - ©DXR - Daniel Vorndran / CC-BY-SA South-West view - ©DXR - Daniel Vorndran / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul cathedral in Troyes Cathedral

Raised on the foundation of an old chapel erected in the 3th century by saint Savinien, the current cathedral dates back to the 13th century. Hervé, bishop of Troyes, probably founded it. The building site was completed 3 centuries later.

The bell-tower was raised in 1413: but we were in the middle of the Hundred Years War! The construction was stopped. We must wait for Joan of Arc's coming, in 1429: the English were expelled from Champagne: phew, the building site went on! Did you know what Joan said, at the bottom of the cathedral? "Raise your bell-tower, they won't come back..." They finally completed this one on March 1430...

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