A little history of Saint-Vulfran church in Abbeville

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The façade - ©Mattana / CC-BY-SA The façade - ©Mattana / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Vulfran church in Abbeville Collegiate church

Did you know on the collegiate square took place an awful torture? The young chevalier de La Barre, 20 years-old, was executed here... What have you done, young fellow, to die this way on a stake? He damaged a crucifix located on a bridge in Abbeville...

But we are here to see the collegiate church, right? So, in 1058, Guillaume de Talvas, count of Ponthieu, brought back saint Vulfran's body from Fontenelle abbey. He immediately put him in a chapel in Abbeville. Guillaume II called 11 chaplain in 1100 in order to serve the church. Counts and countess of Ponthieu, kings and queens gave lot of money to the chapel... which became "royal and collegiate church" until 1789.

The first building was destroyed in 1345, then re-raised from June 1488. The mayor of Abbeville, a man called Postel, laid down the first stone. The façade dates back to this era, then the nave wasn't completed because they lacked money. We must wait the 17th century: Gothic choir was finished!

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