A little history of Sainte-Croix cathedral in Orléans

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The cathedral - ©Yves LC / CC-BY-SA The cathedral - ©Yves LC / CC-BY-SA
Sainte-Croix cathedral in Orléans Cathedral Miracle

What would be Orléans without the cathedral (dedicated to the "Holy-Cross")? Like Joan of Arc, it's the real symbol of the town!

Look at that: I am now in the rue Jeanne-d'Arcand I see this gorgeous church, bathed in the golden light of the sun, which reveals all the delicacy of the stone's lace. The 88 metres high towers proudly stand out on the sky. The cathedral was built on the foundations of an old Romanesque church raised between the 13th and the 14th century. It was destroyed during the war of Religion, then rebuilt in the 18th century (high Gothic style).

Do you know Sainte-Croix is an unconsecrated cathedral? Yes! A unique fact in France! Saint Euverte, the bishop who should have done it, saw God's hand appear to him during the ceremony. God blessed the church himself! So, that's why there's no consecration cross in the church. Oh, by the way: do you see this detail, on the vault? God's hand was painted on the keystone overhanging the altar.

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