A little history of St-Jean-Baptiste church in St-Jean-de-Côle

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The church - ©Anarvorig / CC-BY-SA The church - ©Anarvorig / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in St-Jean-de-Côle Parish church

In middle of all those little ochre roofs stands this curious church. Founded at the end of the 11th century by bishop of Périgueux Raynaud de Thiviers, Saint-Augustin priory canons is located on a very quiet place, favourable for meditation, just separated from the city by river Colla on one side and by the castle de La Marthonie on the other side.

This is one of the oldest priory of the area! This 11th century church strikes by his unusual look: its bell-tower with openings, a covered market sticks to the chevet... During French Revolution, we had only three canons left. The priory was sold, its archives burnt, its library destroyed.

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