A little history of the apple sugar from Rouen

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The sugar - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA The sugar - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

The sucre de pomme is a speciality from Rouen (Normandy), created in the 16th century: with what?? Apples! Apples cooked in sugar and lemon juice. In the end, we get a big kind of barley sugar, fruity and acidulous.

The little history

Sugar against the blues

The story of our apple sugar’s ancestor dates back to the time when pharmacists created a ″sirup″ or ″apples’ juice″ in the 16th century. Yes!

The sugar from Rouen was a medicine, primitively! It cured gastric troubles and even the melancholia. In the 17th century, they added amber in the recipe, a pretty popular ingredient at that time.

Apples with sugar

And in the 17th century, they used lot of sugar, in Rouen, with the setting up of several refineries in the city. Then, they settled throughout France, and get sugar from far-off colonies. And in Normandy, we have lots of apples, so it was easy to create a sweet’s recipe!


Do you remember? People gave cotignacs to the kings when they turned up in visit in Orléans. In Rouen, same thing! The city’s deputy mayors gave apple sugars to VIP: the empress Marie-Louise get a basket full of sweets in 1813!

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