A little history of Val castle

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The castle - ©Fab5669 / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Fab5669 / CC-BY-SA
Val castle in Lanobre Castle

Who's got 6 round towers overlooking a lake near the Bort-les-Orgues barrage? Val castle! In the beginning, in the 5th century, this proud fortress was a simple wooden keep, replaced by a stony castle in the 10th century. In 1150, the Thynières owned the castle: the troubles!

The keep was extended and flanked by 6 towers and a surrounding wall. But in 1440 was born the current castle, thanks to the new owner, Guillot d'Estaing: he added loopholes in the thick wall and a covered way on the curtains. But the castle was sold in 1660 and several owners succeeded one another... Each of them let it sank into oblivion...

Ignace Dubois de Saint-Etienne saved it and restored it in 1778. He was very rich, so he could repaired roof and walls. Val finally reborn... unless? In 1814, a man called Longueville owned the castle and sold beams, plancher, stones... ouch! Louis Gauthier and Jules Souchard finally saved it again from destruction.

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