A little history of Vieux-Raisin townhouse

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The townhouse - ©Georgiad / CC-BY-SA The townhouse - ©Georgiad / CC-BY-SA
Vieux-Raisin townhouse Town house

A nice Renaissance building in Toulouse! This one was called Béringuier Maynier's city house, named after his owner, lawyer and city mayor in the 16th century. This chap raised the wing in the bottom of the courtyard, just before he died in 1523. Then, the owners added 2 wings to this first building, flanked by a staircase tower.

Above the entrance, we can read this inscription: Vivitur ingenio caetera mortis erunt, which means “only the spirit live, the rest will die”. Nice introduction, for a man like Maynier, a Humanist fellow!

Several decades after, Jean Bumet owned the house, in 1547. He completed the construction by adding caryatids to windows and extending the two wings.

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