A little history of Vogüe castle

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The castle - ©Patrice78500 / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Patrice78500 / CC-BY-SA
Vogüe castle Castle

Our history begins in the 13th century, when Raymond de Vogüe owned Rochecolombe castle, near the village of Vogüe.

Then the Rochemure de Besset owned it and one lord's wife rebuilt the castle. In 1603, Melchior I de Vogüe owned it: he just created the current castle, a simple main building with mullioned windows and bull's eyes. He also laid out a vast park and a hanging garden.

Melchior II, bailiff of Vivarais, restored the castle at the end of the 17th century, transforming roofs, gardens, refitting out the inner decoration... When the Revolution came, Vogüe family emigrated: so the estate was sold... but! Fortunately, they owned it in 1840 in order to open a school in it. Then a cultural association bought it and opened it to the public.

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