A revolt at the root of the Gros-Horloge's construction

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The clock - ©Prodhomme Joël / CC-BY-SA The clock - ©Prodhomme Joël / CC-BY-SA
Rouen Gros Horloge Belfry

The belfry was the symbol of the city power in the Middle-Ages! Rouen's belfry, this "Big Clock" (Gros Horloge in French) wasn't an exception.

We found here a primitive belfry, called tour Massacre ("Slaughter tower"), which used to house bells called Ribaud and Rouvel. In 1382, king Charles VI the Mad decided to punish inhabitants because they rebelled: he razed the tower and removed the bells... so there!

In 1389, Rouen city owned the bells and re-raised the current belfry. The current clock was erected on a Renaissance arch (dating back to 1527).

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