Amadour and his relics

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St-Amadour crypt - ©Christophe.Finot / CC-BY-SA St-Amadour crypt - ©Christophe.Finot / CC-BY-SA
Rocamadour medieval city Medieval city Pilgrimage Relic

What a view... Vertiginous! Pilgrims who used to go to Compostela took a rest in Rocamadour: did they dream in this unique place, like we do? Roc amadour means "who likes the rock". It's a famous place, since 1166, when people came here in order to see a hermit who lived in a cave and who performed miracles.

Then they built a little oratory, in the 12th century, dedicated to the hermit (a saint called Amadour): pilgrims came here in a body, to pray the saint and the little Black Virgin! In the 13th century, this pilgrimage was the most important one in Europe. Kings and lords gave money, so people could raise lots of house in their small city.

King Philip Augustus annexed Rocamadour to the kingdom of France in 1211: oh, yes, surprising though it may seem, Rocamadour belonged to England, with the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henri II Plantagenet...

Well, the city extended little by little: in the 13th and 14th centuries, a kind of stronghold was raised on the location of the old palace belonging to bishops of Tulle. After the war of Religion, the Rocamadour pilgrimage slowly disappeared, and the city was plundered by Protestants.

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