Anet, Diane de Poitiers' castle

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Anet, 16th c - ©Cornell University Library / Public domain Anet, 16th c - ©Cornell University Library / Public domain
Anet castle Castle Diane de Poitiers

Anet was Diane de Poitiers’ castle. But before that time, we found a fortress put up in the 12th century and demolished in 1378. In 1444, Pierre de Brézé received the fief from king of France Charles VII, to reward him for his bravery during the Hundred Years War.

So, our new hero put up a castle! Diane de Poitiers inherited it from her husband Louis de Brézé. After this one's death (there was 45 years between them!), Diane became lady-in-waiting in the Court.

They put her in charge of the young king's education, the future Henri II. This one was only 10 years old, but he fell in love with Diane at first sight! The lady was 30 years old, but she became the king's mistress...

Meanwhile, in 1552, Diane put the architect Philibert Delorme in charge of her new castle's construction. Decorated by Jean Goujon and painter Cousin, it was a true palace! Diane lived here at the end of her life, after her lover died in 1566.

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