Arlette and Robert, love at first sight in Falaise

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Arlette's fountain - ©Roi.dagobert / CC-BY-SA Arlette's fountain - ©Roi.dagobert / CC-BY-SA
Falaise castle Castle Robert I the Magnificent William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror was born in Falaise castle in 1027. He lived here very often, but taking advantage of his victory in Hastings in order to found the Anglo-Norman dynasty, he led his campaigns from his castle.

Some say that William's father saw for the first time Arlette, daughter of a local furrier (his future wife) from one of the fortress' window!

The future king of England Henri I Beauclerc, William's son, rebuilt the keep in 1123 and added a vast surrounding wall. King Philip Augustus then transformed Falaise into a huge fortress. The 40 metres Talbot's tower dates back from the Hundred Years War, put up between 1418 and 1450. A big well on the first floor supplied water on each storey.

But Falaise was gradually abandoned for centuries, demolished by Allies bombings during World War II...

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