Armand-Gaston de Rohan... king Louis XIV's legitimate child?

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Armand-Gaston - ©Public domain Armand-Gaston - ©Public domain
Strasbourg Rohan's palace Castle Louis XIV Armand-Gaston de Rohan

A secret...

Armand’s grandfather was Hercule de Rohan, the giant of Montbazon and his grandmother Marie d’Avaugour. The gossip said he was… king Louis XIV’s son! Because his mother Anne de Rohan-Chabot slept around with the king when she was lady-in-waiting for the queen Marie-Theresa of Austria…

Some period texts said that Armand “pretended to be Louis XIV’s son, and he really wanted it to look like it was true” or “The cardinal, speaking of himself, said with a kind of modesty, that he looked like the king, in his features and his nature. In fact, his mother was pretty beautiful and Louis XIV was in love with her in the year of 1674, which is the year of the cardinal’s birth.” And there you are!

Lot of fun and parties!

The duke of Lorraine and ex king of Poland often paid a visit to Armand with his daughter Marie. One day, for the occasion, the cardinal made a big feast in the palace’s main room: in this room, they raised a kind of balustrade where 1200 people could see the diner! Whoa… King Louis XV, after his wedding with the aforesaid Marie in the cathedral of Strasbourg, also paid a visit to Armand in his palace.

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