Arthur the Scarface in Suscinio

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The castle - ©Dachoutka / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Dachoutka / CC-BY-SA
Suscinio castle Castle

1391. Pierre de Craon, after his attempted murder on the famous constable de Clisson, took shelter in Suscinio: yes, he was protected by duke Jean IV. Here, also, Jeanne of Navarre, Jean IV’s wife, gave birth to Arthur III of Brittany, count of Richemont, in August 1393.

Arthur, constable of France in 1425 and duke of Brittany between 1457 and 1458, was a brave warrior who loyally served his king Charles VI. And, whoa, he was a tough guy: at the end of the battle of Azincourt, the English enemy found him completely smashed (that’s why he was nicknamed Le Balafré, «the Scarface»), but still alive under a pile of dead corpses!

Arrested and locked in England with the poet Charles d’Orléans, the young king Charles VII appointed him constable of France in 1425.

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