Bonnat, the Rolls Royce of chocolate

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Bonnat chocolate - ©Everjean / CC-BY Bonnat chocolate - ©Everjean / CC-BY

What’s this?

Established in Voiron (Isère) since 1884, Bonnat chocolate factory only use great cocoa in his recipes. Originally, it was Félix Bonnat who used to grind and roast beans imported from Venezuela.

Bonnat has several chocolates: bars "Greats historical cocoas", with chocolates "Ivory coast", "Madagascar", "Ceylan", "Trinity", "Chuao", "Puerto Cabello", "Hacienda El Rosario"; bars "Exceptional great cocoas" with "Porcelana", "Apotequil", Marfil", "Jamaica", "Real Del Xoxonuzco", "Vale do Juliana", "Madagascar 100% Criollo"... and of course milk chocolate, white, organic... In short, chocolate for everyone, every taste!

The little history

On the packaging, you’ll recognize the Neo-Gothic cathedral of Saint-Bruno’s two high bell-towers, in Voiron, raised by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century!

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