Bordeaux and Saint-Michel basilica's mummies

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Illustration picture (1885) - ©The British Library / Public domain Illustration picture (1885) - ©The British Library / Public domain
Saint-Michel basilica in Bordeaux Basilica Mummy Mystery

Did you know that our bell-tower used to house a strange treasure? A vault full of 74 "mummies", discovered during the French Revolution. The soil of the burial chamber preserved bodies (like the corpses in Saint-Bonnet and Toulouse convent). People could "visit" them, in the past... it was the main attraction in the city!

In 1979, they exhumed mummies in order to put them in the Chartreuse cemetery. Nowadays, the French daily paper Sud-Ouest told us about the story of this district restaurant's owner, who wants to revive those mummies, in the form of wax characters or in 3D images: because they are a piece of Bordeaux history and an integral part of Saint-Michel bell-tower’s story, so... why not!

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