Brancion church: Josserand IV's eternal rest

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Josserand IV - ©Christophe.Finot / CC-BY-SA Josserand IV - ©Christophe.Finot / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Pierre church in Brancion Parish church Josserand IV de Brancion Crusades

Look, here! We can see the recumbent figure (12th c.) of the mighty lord of Brancion, Josserand IV nicknamed “the Great”. A rich and magnificent chap… He died in 1250 at the battle of Mansourah in Egypt, during the 7th crusade. The figure was in the past in the old chapel of the castle of Uxelles, former fief of the lords of Brancion.

Besides, here’s a little anecdote about Josserand the crusaders, just before he died: on a Good Friday, he expelled German knights from a monastery (yes, in Crusades, Christians also plundered churches and abbeys). Then he prayed and thanked to God: “Have mercy, please, stop these wars between Christians and take me far from them. I want to die at your service, so I can see you in Heaven…”

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