Briare and the Mosaic museum

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The museum entrance - ©Chaanara / CC-BY-SA The museum entrance - ©Chaanara / CC-BY-SA
Briare enamels museum Museum

Do you know why we produce coloured enamels in Briare? We found here a glazed earthenware's factory since the middle of the 19th century. But it almost went bankrupt and it was sold by auction. But here was our saviour! His name? The manufacturer Jean-Félix Bapterosses!

He invented a machine which could make simultaneously 500 buttons! He heard the glazed earthenware's factory was for sale: that's good, his Parisian premises were too small, so he owned Briare's factory in 1851 and set up his button's factory, later replaced by enamels factory.

Briare's enamels were born! Thanks to them, it created jobs for the whole region, and the city was equipped with a hospital, housing project, schools... The little enamels are still produce: they decorate famous public buildings through the whole world...

You'll learn in the museum enamels history, their manufacturing techniques...

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