Burgundian bishops' nice pied-à-terre in Paris

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The house - ©ctj71081 / CC-BY-SA The house - ©ctj71081 / CC-BY-SA
Cluny museum Town house

Coming from Saint-Michel square, I came across this nice house, a true medieval gem with abundant decorations! In the middle of the Parisian bustle, this place is quite amazing! In 1330, Pierre de Chaslus, abbot in famous Cluny abbey in Burgundy, owned a house near old thermae: he wanted to house here abbots from Cluny when they came in Paris.

Jacques d'Amboise, elder brother of the famous cardinal and minister of king Louis XII (from 1485 to 1510), raised the current house on the western part of the thermae ruins. Cluny abbots owned the house until the French revolution...

Did you know royal hosts often came here? Mary of England (nicknamed the "White Queen), king Henry VIII's sister and king of France Louis XII's widow, secretly married here duke of Suffolk in 1515...

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