Compostela and the Coquille house

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The house - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The house - © / CC-BY-NC-SA
Coquille house in Orléans House

In this old street located in Orléans second medieval wall, we discover a narrow dead-end with disparate houses. What a pity! In the past, just imagine the place with beautiful buildings, where lived rich bourgeois...

And yet, look: there's a nice house here, the Renaissance "Shell house" (maison de la Coquille), as known as "Templar's house". This building was named after the shell sculpted on the façade, above the front door. Why is this shell here? Because of the vicinity of an old chapel dedicated to Saint-Jacques, a stopover for the Compostela's pilgrims.

We ignore neither the name of the owner of the house nor the architect. But we thought that it was raised by the same man who built the Jean d'Alibert's house in Orléans.

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