Dauphin François of France poisoned in Tournon castle?

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The castle - ©Charcutaille / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Charcutaille / CC-BY-SA
Tournon-sur-Rhône castle Castle Tragic destiny François de France

Did you know that king François I's grandson, who came in Tournon with his father in 1536, strangely died in the castle? Yes, he was playing real tennis while a terrible heat crushed the castle. He asked a glass of icy water, drank it in one gulp… and fell sick!

During days and days, François was doubled up with pain in his bed… He finally died after 4 days of horrible pain, after only 17 months of reign, at the age of 16. Hey, kings couldn’t die like that, like vulgar humans… no, they needed panache, a special death! So… why not a murder?

Aah, they accused the man who served the dauphin, count Sebastian Montecuculli... Yes! He poisoned him! Yes, at that time, people thought that all Italians were poisoners… just look at Catherine of Medici’s bad repute, for that matter… And that Montecucculi was the man who gave the glass of water to François!

He was arrested, they tortured him, he finally confessed the prince's murder: yes, the murder was financed by emperor Charles the Fifth’s lieutenants! The best of it? It was a natural death, of course, but at that time, the Italian was arrested and hanged in Lyon!

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