Discovering the Russian church of Saint-Seraphim-of-Sarov

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The interior - © / CC-BY-NC-SA The interior - © / CC-BY-NC-SA
Saint-Séraphin-de-Sarov church Parish church

Russia in Paris

Like in the Orthodox church of Saint-Serge next to the Buttes-Chaumont, or the cathedral of Alexandre-Nevsky rue Daru, we have here a lovely Russian church in middle of Paris. We can find it in a backyard, rue Lecourbe. Come on, don’t be shy, enter!

This Orthodox church dates back to 1974, raised on the foundations of a former church built in 1930. Its name evokes the Russian monk saint Seraphim, born in Kourks in 1759, dead in Sarov in 1833 and canonized in 1903.

Inside, whoa! There’s a warm atmosphere, with all those pretty icons made by the nun Marie Skobtsov, who died in the camp of Ravensbrück, during World War II. Don’t miss the trunks of those two trees, literally crossing the church! One is still alive, it’s a maple.

Outside, a tiny garden where the wild grass grows and where the birds sing… In front of the church, we have the presbytery: we can visit it when the garden and the church are opened to the public.


They say Mass in Russian every weekend, so you can visit the church before and after.

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