Discovering the treasures of Counts of Provence's palace

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The palace - ©Rvalette / CC-BY-SA The palace - ©Rvalette / CC-BY-SA
Counts of Provence's palace Museum

Reinforced concrete and priapic saint

The museum is located in the old castle of Provence counts, 12th century. This visit is full of discoverings: minerals and fossils collection, stuffed animals, old tools, a reconstitution of a Provençal kitchen, an animated Christmas Crib (1952), Provençal costumes, a reconstitution of a mine where they used to extract bauxite...

Some religious art, too, with paintings by Parrocel and Montenard... We also have an exhibition about the story of the plum from Brignoles! Don’t miss the unique pieces:

• the concrete barque (people seen it floating on a lake, yes) made by the man who created the reinforced concrete, Joseph Lambot, who died in Brignoles in 1887.
• the Gayole’s grave which used to be display in the church, the oldest Christian grave in France!
• the strange priapic statue of saint Sumian.

Saint Sumian and its used navel

Saint Sumian’s statue? It’s a 1,80 metres high stele, representing a man wearing a kind of skirt. We think he had a halo around his head...

Anyway, he has his hands in front of his navel. It’s a representation of saint Sumian or saint Siméon. Sterile women or young ladies who wanted to find a husband came and kissed the used part of the statue, his navel!

The Gayole

The Gayole grave dates back to the 2th century, the oldest Christian grave in France! It comes from the Romanesque chapel of the Gayole, raised in the Merovingian era. It was probably sculpted by a Greek artist, because of the pagan patterns: anchors, tress, shepherd that brings his cattle...

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